Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the construction process take from the time we sign contracts?
The construction process for Portico Homes averages around four months or 120 days. While we usually strive for this goal, there are outstanding conditions such as weather, job site conditions, and change orders that can extend the process.

What type of monetary consideration is required before the construction process can begin?
In order to solidify your decision to build with Portico Homes, a deposit is required. The amount of the deposit is decided during the preliminary meeting with the builder.

Do we need to arrange for a construction loan?
If we build on your land than yes, Buyer is responsible for securing appropriate financing prior to commencement of work.  If we build on our land than we will secure the financing.

How much supervision will my house have during construction?
Project Managers are a part of the Portico Homes team to ensure quality workmanship on the jobsite; therefore, our Project Managers are present at the job site on a daily basis to make sure our quality standards are met. They also coordinate with and schedule our trade contractors & vendors at appropriate times throughout the construction process.

How will the selection process work?
Every customer receives a Product Selection Schedule with due dates for each selection. Exterior selections will be made first: windows, exterior doors, shingles, siding, garage doors, and brick. All interior selections will follow. The Portico design team is here to assist customers in making their selections.

Can I choose which vendors to visit in order to make my selections?
We provide you with a list of preferred vendors in your Homeowner Manual. If you wish to use vendors outside of our vendor contact list, we ask the courtesy of contacting us prior to making your selections. Please recognize that we work hand-in-hand with various vendors, trade contractors, and suppliers who are experts in their own areas. We recommend only certain vendors, trade contractors, and suppliers since they have proven their value to us over time and share our commitments to quality.

Once we make a selection, who do we report it to?
Once you have made your selection with the appropriate vendor, contact our Product Selection & Design Coorindator at the office. We will take care of placing the order and scheduling installation dates and times.

What type of warranty do you provide after the construction process is complete?
Each home we build comes with a one-year limited warranty. As a customer-service driven builder, we are always happy to service your needs after the construction process is complete.

Where does Portico Homes primarily build homes?
We build homes in the Bloomington-Normal, IL, Peoria, IL, and the Quad Cities.

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